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The numbers between the brackets refer to the page number in the original book.  We apologize for the raw format.

As it is Translated Correctly
Blood Atonement
Calling and Election
Celestial Marriage
Christ and the Crucifixion
Church and the Gospel
Church and the Priesthood
Coming American Revolution
Complaint Against Ogden Kraut
Compromise and Concession
Fasting for Health and Happiness
Four Crafts
Gathering of Israel
Gift of Dreams
Gift of Tongues
Holy Priesthood Vol. 1
Holy Priesthood Vol. 2
Holy Priesthood Vol. 3
Holy Priesthood Vol. 4
Holy Priesthood Vol. 5
Holy Priesthood Vol. 6
Jesus Was Married
Judas Iscariot
Kingdom of God Vol. 1
Kingdom of God Vol. 2
Kingdom of God Vol. 3
Letters and Responses by Ogden Kraut
Lineage of the Priesthood
Marriage Covenant
Men and Monuments of Freedom
Military Experiences
Missionary Experiences
Model of the Gold Plates
Mysteries of Creation
Ninety-Five Theses
One Mighty and Strong
Only True God
Pamphlets of Ogden Kraut (set 1)
Pamphlets of Ogden Kraut (set 2)
Parallel Paths
Polygamy in the Bible
Preparation for the Kingdom
Priesthood Garment (we don’t know if we should do this one yet)
Principles or Personalities
Prophecies of the Latter Days
Relief Mine
Relief Mine II
Revelations; 1880-1890
Seers and Seer Stones
Segregation of Israel
Sermons and Writings Vol. 1
Sermons and Writings Vol. 2
Sermons and Writings Vol. 3
Sermons and Writings Vol. 4
Spirit World Experiences
Stories of Faith
Three Nephites
United Order
Visions of the Latter Days
White Horse Prophecy
Who Crucified Christ
Wilford Woodruff Journal Excerpts
Wit & Wisdom of Heber C, Kimball