Model of the Gold Plates

My father told me that while on his mission he carried a small “miniature  model representing the Gold plates of the Book of Mormon”  by “Robert W. Smith”.  This little book was printed on gold paper and had metal rings and a small wooden board representing the sealed portion.  This proved to be a very good missionary tool because it gave a visual teaching tool and people connected to it very well.

Years later my uncle Neil Mc Bride was in a devastating car accident which left him paralyzed.  Wondering what he could do for a living, he remembered the gold plates my dad had and he created his own beautiful “full gold colored” metal plates.  These, as well, were sold around the world.

Toward the end of my dad’s life I told him I was going to buy my uncle’s business of making the old gold plates.  He persuaded me to create my own and he would write the text.  This is the contents of our edition of the “model of the gold plates.”